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Through this website we would like to share some of the things God has taught us over the years. Much of our time has been spent in the Middle East both in secular work (university teaching) and with a Christian charity. Our life commitment is to help see the Kingdom of God come in the Muslim World. Many of the articles, devotionals and biographies have been shared in a journal we edited from 2004 to 2019. This journal has now been phased out. Bible studies and other teaching has been shared at retreats and conferences over the years.You are free to use any of this material and share it with others. We pray it will be a blessing to you and bring glory to God. We will continue to add material so please check back from time to time.

" Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. And let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love and good deeds." Hebrews 10:23-24



Bible Teaching:


    Studies in Isiah:

Psalm 2 - Maintaining vision in times of trouble
Psalm 23 - Handling the problem of identity
Psalm 24 - The Conditions for a Life of Being a Blessing
Psalm 32 - I will teach you in the way you should go
Psalm 42 - When depression blankets you like a cloud
Psalm 51 - What should we do when we fail
Psalm 84 - A passion to keep pioneering
A Biblical View of Poverty
A look at the Book of Philemon
An Outline of Hosea
An Outline of John's Gospel
An Outline of Luke
Christ's Power is made Perfect in Weakness
Elijah Prophet of Fire
Iraq and the Bible
Jacob - A journey into Faith
Lessons in Leadership from the Book of Judges
Moses the Servant of God
My Messenger - Isaiah 42-53
Notes on Intercessory Prayer
Paul in Arabia
Principles from the Book of Nehemiah
Sickness and Suffering - A New Testament View
Some of the accomplishments of the Lord Jesus in His death and resurrection
Studies in the life of Abraham
Studies in the Ministry of Elisha
Study Notes on 1 Peter
The Book of Ruth
The Call of Moses
The Comfort of the Holy Spirit
The Core Values of Service and Sacrifice
The Foundations of Mission and of all Christian Service
The Message of 2 Timothy
The Picnic on the Beach
The Saviour Saving
Thoughts on Amos in general and specifically on Amos chapter 9
Transformation through Vision - Isaiah, Paul, Joshua and John

Anthony Norris Groves
Archibald Forder
Cyril - A Byzantine Monk who worked in the Near East
Daisy Marsh
Douglas Thornton
Dr Saeed of Iran
Enid Parker
Flora Davidson
George W Hunter
Henry Harris Jessup
Henry Martyn
Ion Keith Falconer
Isidor Loewental
Jeanette Boersma
Jenny Eugenie de Mayer
John and Dorothy Van Ess
John Ethelstan Cheese
John Hogg
John Paton
Karl Pfander
Lilias Trotter
Maude Cary
Nils Fredrik Hoijer
Paul Harrison
Raymond Lull
Roger Craig Cumberland
Said Abouadaou
Samuel Zwemer
The Rt Rev Hassan Dehqani-Tafti
Theodore Leighton Pennell
Theresa Huntington Ziegler
Thomas Valpy French
William and Abigail Goodell
William Borden of Yale
William Miller

Church Planting:
Church growth principles
Church Planting Strategy 1 - Initial Considerations
Church Planting Strategy 2 - A Look at what God is doing
Church Planting Strategy 3 - A Look at the kind of churches that do multiply
Church Planting Strategy 4 - The people God uses
Church Planting Strategy 5 - Training to be church planters
Kingdom Communities
Putting Ecclesiology on our Agenda
Ten principles we have learnt about effective church planting in the Muslim world
The Importance of Working Together
Training Church Planters

Cross-cultural Insights:
A Comparison of Worldviews
Christianity in the Middle East - the Biblical Challenge for Evangelicals
Lessons in Leadership in a Cross Cultural Setting from the Life of Joseph
Maintaining a clear conscience in Transformational Business in a cross-cultural setting
Redemption Analogies
Understanding Contextualisation

Devotionals - previously in Crescent Journal:
A Call to Self-examination
A Commitment to Unity
A Few Thoughts on Spiritual Maturity
A Life of Constant Triumph
A ministry of encouragement
A Proven Pattern
Afflicted like us
Aiming at Completion
Are we ready for action
Are you struggling in your walk of discipleship
Authority assumed or authentic
Be Strong
Beginning to Sink
Bind the strong man
Conditions for a Life of Being a Blessing
Convictions in the life of a worker
Daily fellowship with God
Declare His Glory among the Nations
Don't get tired doing good
Effective Prayer
Entering into a Life of Fruitfulness
Five vital commitments for Spiritual Effectiveness
God's Master Weapon
Great Power, Great Gace and Great Fear
He came to where he was
How not to lose heart
I am sending you
In Whom Do You Trust
Learn to strengthen yourself
Living in victory all of the time
Loaves - Disciples - Multitudes
Never why but what
Not for ours only
Notes on dealing with Failure and Guilt
On taking too much for granted
Power for God's People
Power for service
Priorities from the Life of the Lord Jesus
Priorities in Ministry
Ready for anything
Still Under Orders
The Broken Heart
The Compassion of the Lord Jesus
The Cross of Calvary
The five musts of our lives
The gift of God that attracts and wins
The great importance of joy in the life of a believer
The Guide and the Path - Psalm 23
The Hidden Life of a Grain of Wheat
The King's Face
The Lord our God the Almighty reigns
The patience of unanswered prayer
The Place of Private Prayer in Ministry
The Power of Oneness
The Promise of a Christian worker
The Root of our Problems
The School of Suffering
The Secret of Greatness
The Secret of His Name
The Task of Making Disciples
The Victory of the Lord Jesus is also our Victory
The Victory of the People of God
Things are speeding up
Violent Action needed
Vision - Passion - Sacrifice
Waiting on the Lord

Discipling Muslim background believers from a Folk Islamic background
Feed My Sheep
Fellowship with God
Helping leaders of Muslim background fellowships live peacefully in a stressful world
Making Disciples 1
Making Disciples 2
Making Disciples 3
Notes on Discipleship
Possibilities and Problems of Following Up New Believers from a Muslim Background
Some Basic Questions that may be asked by New Disciples and Enquirers
Some Disciplines of the Christian Life 1 of 4
Some Disciplines of the Christian Life 2 of 4
Some Disciplines of the Christian Life 3 of 4
Some Disciplines of the Christian Life 4 of 4
Understanding and caring for new believers from a Muslim background

A personal ministry chart
A Short Study on the Theological Basis for Globalising Missions
Bridges and Barriers in making friends
Evangelism - The Concept of the Spectrum
God is working His purpose out
God's Heart for the world in every generation
Let the people rejoice - A great motive for World Mission
Proclaiming Jesus in a Muslim Context
Some of the Principles Guiding a Worker in the Muslim World
Speeding up the coming of the Day of God
The Biblical Basis of Unreached Peoples
The Birthing Process
The Issue of Influence
The Lukan Model of Mission
The Old Testament and Christian Mission
The Preparation Necessary to be an Effective Servant of God in the Muslim World
Thoughts on Contextualisation

A Basic Brief Introduction to Islam
A Comparison between the Creation and the Fall in Islam and in the Bible
A Muslim's view of Salvation
Easter through Muslim eyes
Eid al-Adha
Eschatology in Islam
Folk Islam
How should we respond to Islamic extremism in the Arab World?
How would the Lord Jesus share the Gospel with an Arab Muslim?
Islam and democracy
Islam Past and Present
Islamic Family Law
Muslim Objections to Christianity
Overcoming Muslim misunderstandings that the Bible has been corrupted
Predestination - The Contrast between Islamic and Christian views
Sacrifices - Ishmael and Isaac
Sin and atonement as seen by Muslims and believers in Jesus
Some Misunderstandings and Stumbling Blocks for Muslims in understanding the Bible
Sufi Islam
The ABC of Prayer for Muslims
The Al-Munahhemana Controversy
The Birth and Early Life of Muhammad
The Concept of God as Understood by Muslims
The Cross in the Gospel and the Quran
The Doctrine of Abrogation
The Five Pillars of Islam and Islamic Doctrine
The idea of Al Ummah
The Lord Jesus in the Eyes of our Muslim Friends
The Love of God in the Qur'an and the Bible
The Major Divisions among Muslims
The Person of the Lord Jesus in the Gospel and in the Quran and Traditions
The Position of Women in Classic Islamic Theology
The Quran
The Sources of Islam and the Quran
The Theological Basis of Al Qaeda
What do Muslims believe about the month of Ramadan?
Who are the Shia?

Miscellaneous Papers:
A Biochemist's explanation of the Trinity
Advancing the Kingdom
Arabia in the Plans and Purposes of God
Biblical Guidelines for confronting
Christianity in Pre-Islamic Arabia
Conflict, Co-existence and Conversion
Faith and Freedom of Speech
Finding God's long range purposes for your life
Guidelines for negative criticism
Handling time pressure and stress that accompanies it
If there is a God of love why is there so much suffering?
Keeping our ethical edge sharp
Learning to draw people out
Matters of Conscience
Paul in Arabia
Prayer - The Work of Missions
Praying for workers
The Art of Praying with Authority
The Challenge of Arabia
The Problem of Evil
The Problem of Fear
The Promises of God for Arabia
The Story of the Birth of the Lord Jesus
The Terrible Consequences of Bad Arguments and Learning to Think Straight

Spiritual Warfare:
Our Throne Rights
Steps to bind the Strong Man
The Authority of the Believer
The Spiritual War - The Principalities and Powers
Using the authority we have been given
Weapons to use for Victory in the Real Spiritual Warfare

Training Manuals:
Biblical Principles of Servant Leadership
Forming a Biblical Basis for Transformation 1-18
Training in Ministry to Neighbours
Working in Teams


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